About us

Ulrich Bühlmann

Industries: Automotive Tier 1, Engineering, Drive systems, Plastics and rubber, Consumer goods

Regions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, China, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Functions: CEO, Board, senior VP operations

Experience: Double digit growth and cost reduction in 8 countries and 10 corporations, operational and financial turnarounds, leadership 1500 employees

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese

Education: Dipl. Ing. ETH Zürich


Franz A. Rankl

Industrial Sector: Automotive Tier 1 & Tier 2, Metal Industry, Paper, Packaging, Printing, Environment & Recycling

Regions / Countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, Canada, CEE - Countries (as PL,CZ, SK, HU, RO, BG, SLO, YOU), Russia, Nadia, Japan

Positions: CEO, executive Member of the Board (for Marketing, Sales, Product Development) Managing Director, Regional Director

Know How: Due Diligence / M&A, Market Development and -Growth, General Management & Consulting, financial & operational Restructuring, medium and big Corporations (between 150 and 1.700 employees, family or public owned)

Languages: English, German, Italian

Academically Education: Mechanical Engineering, International Marketing, MBA Sales Management, Papermaker



Dieter Rupprich

Industries: Drive Systems, Process Automation, e-Mobility, Engineering, Energy

Regions: Germany, China, Thailand, Japan, South America, North America, Russia

Functions: President, Managing Director, Senior VP operations

Experience: Pitch systems and generators for wind energy, drives for railways, gears, revenue 200 Mio. €, leadership 500 employees, machine tools, electric engines and controls, systems for process automation

Languages: German, English

Education: Dipl. El. Ing., Dipl. Mech. Ing.




Christoph Bodinger
Industries: Electrical trade, pharmaceutical trade, consumer goods, legal system (corporate law, insolvency law, antitrust law)
Regions: Germany, Austria, Hungary
Functions: Managing Director, Board Member, Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Controlling, Supply Chain Management
Experiences: HR, ERP, restructuring, cost reduction, reorganization, process optimization, strategy implementation, 70 employees led
Studies: Mag. Dr. iur.
Languages: German, English, Hungarian

Reiner Gebers

Industries: Media & Services

Regions: Western & Eastern Europe

Functions: Managing Director, Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Experience: Start-ups, growth strategies, reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, internationalisation, cost reductions, market development, management of 150 employees

Education: Dipl.-Bw., Bremen/DEU. B.A. (Hons), Leeds/ENG. MBA, Stirling/SCO

Languages: German, English


Alexey Mirensky

Industries: Mechanical and plant engineering, building automation, construction supply industry, plastics, drive technology

Functions: Managing Director, Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Regions: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America

Experiences: Development of new markets, restructuring, company mergers, process optimization, management of 105 employees

Education: Dipl. Ing. (FH) Electrical Engineering / MBA International Marketing

Languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish



Dr. Rudolf Zinell

Industries: Charities, Public Administration / Non-Profit Organizations, Health care / tourism, research and educational institutions

Functions: Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Controlling, Feasibility Studies, Technology Assessment, quality management (EFQM)

Experiences: Restructuring, reorganization and cost reduction, effect-oriented management, company/organization audit, organizational development / change management

Austrian Institute of Technology, Universities of Applied Sciences, Capital Goods / Consumer Goods - Industry

Languages: German, English, Italian

Rita Fey

Regions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands

Experiences: Project- and data management, personnel development in social institutions and non-profit organizations, marketing, trade fair organization, web design, adult education

Functions: Therapist, Trainer, Coach, Project manager

Languages: German, English

Education: Diploma in eurythmy and eurythmy therapy in Germany and Netherlands