From crises to growth

Loss of sales and cost increases can slowly develop and it is often a long way into a company crises. The sooner you start the restructuring process, the faster you get out of the crises.


Restructuring while achieving sales growth in 3 to 12 months.

We have managed and advised companies in Germany and all over Western and Eastern Europe, in China, Russia and the CIS. We act as restructuring officer, managing director, VP sales, VP operations and as negotiating leader. We also offer consulting. We provide you with solutions and ensure their implementation. We have operational experience in mechanical, electrical and plant engineering, automotive, plastics, consumer goods, process industry, communication and media. As a specialist in restructuring, together with you we define the strategy, formulate the measures and implement them. Together we develop a plan and lead the company out of troubles with our approved turnaround methodology (FIND - CLEAR - HOLD - GROW).


We start where sales says "Does not work".

We mastered loss of sales situations which are normally considered as hopeless. We adapt our proven growth process to your specific situation. Together, we find new customers, improve the relationship with existing customers, get lost customers back on board, realize higher margins and make the entire sales process faster and more efficient. We support you from lead generation to closing attractive deals and contracts.