Short-term sales growth

Short-term sales boost


  • Do you have one or more of the following problems in your company?
  • Are revenues stagnating or even breaking?
  • Are the margins declining?
  • Are you losing customers?
  • Does the sales process not generate enough leads of new customers and new applications?
  • Do you need much more time to make an offer than your competition or what the customers expect?
  • Do you have a bad feeling in front of price negotiations with large customers?
  • Are you not making additional deals? Is your sales organization not efficient enough?
  • Call us. We have solved these problems many times.

Our approach


Your sales staff must ensure a profitable growth and provide customers with excellent service. If this is not the case, we rebuild competitiveness and growth. We have achieved rapid and profitable growth in several industries and in more than 15 countries. We increased marketing and sales efficiency, launched outstanding products and improved customer experiences.


Together with you we reengineer the sales organization, increase its efficiency and set the right goals, key figures and sales incentives to motivate your employees. We also help you handling difficult customers.


Major steps

Sales efficiency: contacts, visits, customer projects, requests for offer, offers, orders

Analyse requests for quotation and lost orders: follow-up action, root causes, case studies, marketing material

Cold calls to customers of the competitors: If you do not all know of them we find them.

Cold calls to competitors of the customers: If you do not all know of them we find them.

Request for quotations and customer projects: We know how reach the decision makers at the right time.

Sales and distribution: Take advantage of our international sales and country insights and know-how.