Do you have one or more of these problems?

  • Is liquidity tight?
  • Is the EBIT too low?
  • Do you need to reduce your working capital?
  • Do you need support for negotiations with banks and suppliers?
  • Is the productivity too low?
  • Are the manufacturing processes unstable?
  • Are operation costs and the overhead too high?
  • Are sales, purchasing and production schedules not in line?
  • Are your delivery times too long?
  • Are your inventory levels too high, too low, unbalanced?


Our approach


Each successful turnaround starts with a clear goal. Together we develop the change processes, define a consistent action plan and implement it. We make use of your internal resources and the know-how of your employees. We define solutions with banks, suppliers, customers and employees and implement them onsite. We structure the turnaround process (FIND - CLEAR - HOLD - GROW) and offer you an action plan for each phase. This is how you get safely through the restructuring process and quickly overcome the crisis.

Major steps


Secure liquidity: Cash in accounts receivables, optimize liabilities, delay special payments, implement factoring



Solve the delivery problems, optimize inventories: Overcome parts shortage, bypass capacity bottlenecks, implement a consistent material management, reduce through put time



Benefit from purchasing potential: Qualify alternative suppliers, make use of direct procurement, apply negotiation techniques


Cut costs of goods sold:

Simplify products, increase productivity, use volume effects


Reduce personnel costs:

Get rid of overtime, reduce pseudo bonuses and special payments, expand short-time work, use back-sourcing, redesign collective agreements.





High margins:

Know the real (not to be, but as is) margin per product group and customer group, define the sales bonus system depending on the gross margin, remove historical calculation errors, negotiate prices if needed






DE: http://www.buehlmann-partner.com/turnaround/